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 This Weeks Calendar of Events

CH=Carroll Hall (basement of church) --HC=Hogan Center (hill)
WMH=Whitemarsh Hall - LCH=Low-ceiling Hall (both in HC)

Sunday (11/23/2014)
Sodality Bake Sale After All Masses
10 a.m. - Pre-school CCD - CH
10 a.m. - Nursery - CH Nursery
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. - Youth Group - WMH

After 8 a.m. Mass - Coffee, Tea, etc - LCH (HC)
7 p.m. - NO RCIA - HC

After 8 a.m. Mass - Coffee, Tea, etc - LCH (HC)
7 p.m. - Complete Rosary - Seiths (3300 Mayo Pl)
7 p.m. - NO “Walking with Purpose” - WMH
7:30-8:45 p.m. - NO CCD-Grades 5-8 - HC
7:30-8:45 p.m. - NO YG Bible Study-HC

After 8 a.m. Mass - Coffee, Tea, etc - LCH (HC)
10 a.m.-12 noon - Playgroup - CH - Nursery

Parish and CCD Offices Closed
10 a.m. - Thanksgiving Mass - Church

Parish and CCD Offices Closed
8 a.m. - Mass - Chapel (no 6:30 a.m. Mass)
8:30 p.m. – AA Meeting – Carroll Hall

9-10:15 a.m. - NO CCD - Grades K-4 - HC
12 noon-3 p.m. -YG Turkey Bowl at St. Pius X

 Youth Group Events

Sun. Nov. 23: 6:30-8:30 p.m. - YG Meeting - WMH

Sat. Nov. 29: 12 noon-3 p.m. - TURKEY BOWL at ST. PIUS X
Hot dogs, hot chocolate and more! Feel free to bring all friends and family! Alumni are always welcome!

Sun. Nov. 30: 6:30-8:30 p.m. - YG Meeting - WMH

The Youth Group will be selling ADVENT CANDLES after all Masses on November 29th and 30th. They will be sold outside, weather permitting. Celebrate the Sundays of the Season and help the Youth Group with their activities and retreats.

 Advent Begins Next Sunday!

Complimentary copies of the December/Advent edition of “The Word Among Us” are available at all church entrances. Use this publication a few minutes each day during Advent to grow closer to the Lord before Christmas. These few minutes will make Christmas more meaningful for you.

 Religious Education News

There will be no Religious Education classes on Tuesday, November 25 or Saturday, November 29. Let us give thanks to the Lord for the blessings we have been given!


All women of the parish are invited to join the Sodality on Monday, December 1 for the Rosary at 6:10 pm in the Chapel followed by Mass at 6:30 p.m. Pot Luck Supper will follow in Whitemarsh Hall.

 All Souls

During the month of NOVEMBER the church wisely and lovingly remembers in prayer the souls of the Faithful Departed. All of the Masses during the month will be offered for All Souls. The Mass intention envelopes will remain on the altar in the main church and the chapel. You may use an All Souls envelope located at the church doors to add names of those you wish to include in the Masses offered during the month. Place the envelope in the Sunday collection basket or drop it off at the parish office during the week.

 Advent Season - News

Babysitting in the Nursery in Carroll Hall will be available at 4:30 Masses starting the first weekend of Advent (November 29/30). This is in addition to the babysitting  already offered at the 10 a.m. Sunday Mass. Parent and teen volunteers are needed. If interested please contact at Sacred Heart

During the Advent Season there will be another opportunity to spend a little extra time with our Lord to prepare your heart for Christmas. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament  will be available Friday, December 5, 12 and 19 after the 8 a.m. Mass to 12 noon in the chapel. If you would like to sign up for a time slot please contact Kathy Hayes or sign-up sheets are available in the back of the church or chapel.

 Angel Tree

In preparation for the Advent Season the Angel Tree project has begun. Sacred Heart will be providing “Angel Gifts” for the children of St. Thomas More Parish in Washington, DC and Hyattsville Middle School. Fr. Ray Moore, Pastor of St. Thomas More, and Sharon Laurich, educator from Hyattsville Middle School, thank you in advance for all that you will do and have done in the past. Please note: the items on the “wish list” for each child are suggestions – there is no obligation to get all of the items. Wrapped packages with tags on the outside must be returned the weekend of December 6-7,  If you are unable to follow through on your purchase, please contact us – we don’t want to disappoint any child!! Any questions, please call the CCD Office 301-262-1221 or Mary Walsh-Coe 301-805-2985 (evenings).

 Sacred Heart Chapel/church Blocks

Wooden replicas of the church and chapel are available for purchase in the parish office. The cost is $10 each. Checks should be made payable to Sacred Heart Church. A great Christmas gift idea!

 Find the Perfect Gift

YARD SIGNS will be given out after all Masses the First Sunday of Advent - November 29/30 (next Saturday and Sunday). There is no charge.

 Help Spread the Good News About Sacred Heart

The Evangelization Team is seeking new members for their exciting door to door ministry. The outreach will take place in two hour segments during the four Sundays of Advent. Training provided.

Contact Deacon Candidate Jim Sharbaugh at or 706-400-8205

 Warm Nights

(View the flyer)  Please return flyers to the collection basket or Parish Office by Monday, December 1. (If you did not receive a flyer and want to help, there are extras in the back of the church.) Questions? Please call Jan Braswell 301-805-0879 or Mary Anne Montague 301-262-1799.

 A Women's Advent Tea

will be held at Sacred Heart on Saturday, December 6, 1-3 p.m. in Carroll Hall. This will be a traditional tea in preparation for Advent - a relaxing time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the secular world and concentrate on the REAL meaning of the season. It will be a time to eat and relax talking with friends. Sandwiches, treats and tea (of course!) will be served. There will be a short, inspirational Advent reflection. Price is $15 per person or $100 to sponsor a table of 8. NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE DOOR! To register please contact Kathleen Brunner at

 Bake Sale

After Masses on Saturday, November 22 and Sunday, November 23 the Sodality will be hosting a Bake Sale to benefit their philanthropic activities. If you’ve seen the Labor Day Bake Sale you know how incredible the selection will be!! Any donations will be gladly accepted. For more information contact Mimi Shea at 301-262-9010 or or Mary Hager at 301-262-1221 or

 K of C Awards Catholic High School Scholarship Grants

Each year the K of C awards (3) Catholic High School scholarship grants to children of members of the K of C and (3) to Catholic students in general. More information is available in the bookracks. Deadline is February 1, 2015.

 The Women's Lenten Retreat

at Sacred Heart will be on Saturday, February 7, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.. The $25 per person fee includes a continental breakfast, full catered lunch and dessert. To reserve a spot contact Sam Fatzinger

 Fun, Faith and Friends

Each week boys and girls ages 5-12 are invited to participate in games, prayer and a faith lesson run by the sisters and brothers. Children join the Servants of the Lord (Blue Nuns) for Saturday Oratory, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Novitiate, 1714 Crain Highway, Upper Marlboro. November 1 will be the annual All Saint’s Day Carnival. Questions? Any questions? Call Sr. Providence at 301-627-5337.

 House on the Hill Donations

HOUSE ON THE HILL is accepting only winter clothes.  All clothes should be in GOOD condition.

Rules Concerning the Donations Shed.

The shed will be open Mon-Sat, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. only.
It will not be open Sundays, federal holidays or when Prince Georges County schools are closed (during the school year).


The only items that can be accepted are in-season clothes, household goods, children?s books and linens. Donations must be in bags or boxes. NO FURNITURE CAN BE ACCEPTED!

 Anointing of the Sick As Non-emergency

If you are someone in your family is preparing for a serious surgery or will be put under anesthesia for a serious procedure, it is proper that the Anointing of the Sick be administered prior to the operation or procedure. The Anointing can take place at Sacred Heart following a Sunday or daily Mass or by appointment even a couple of days prior to the surgery or surgical procedure. Notify one of the priests to receive the Sacrament.

When a family member is ill, hospitalized or incapacitated for some reason, call the parish office to notify the priests and for prayers. (The call should come from a family member!)

 Parish Facilities Usage Guidelines

If you need to use a parish facility for a meeting, etc. please call the parish office 301-262-0704 (M-F, 9-4). A form has to be filled out.

If you wish to use a parish hall for a birthday, baptism, anniversary, etc. celebration, please call the parish office. There is an insurance fee. (No fee for funeral repasts.)

(All requests must be approved by the pastor.)

If you need to get into a parish building, please call the parish office before you need to get in, preferably the day before. Thank you.

 Sacred Heart Library
The Sacred Heart Library located in Carroll Hall welcomes borrowers. It is available for all to use from 8:30 a.m. until 12 noon. Please feel free to borrow books; just sign your name and phone number on the clipboard on the shelf.
 Sacred Heart Bookrack
offers a variety of free booklets & pamphlets. Please do not take more than 1 or 2 of any particular handout so the supply is not depleted. If a larger quantity is needed, please check the back of the pamphlet for ordering information. Donations are gratefully accepted and will be used to replenish the bookrack.
 Sacred Heart Association
The Sacred Heart Association is established so that the Mass can be offered on a regular basis for the enrolled members. Membership is for the deceased. Members will receive one Mass each month for a 12-month period. A $25 enrollment fee will be added to a special fund for continued maintenance of the Chapel. See the green flyers at the back of the church for more information or to enroll a loved one. The August list of those persons enrolled in the Sacred Heart Association can also be found at the back of the church.

Renewal notices will be sent out one month prior to their renewal date.
 Family, Address, or Phone Change?

Please notify the Rectory (262-0704) with any changes in your household so that we may keep our records updated. Thank you for your help.
 After the Abortion: Project Rachel
is a post-abortion healing ministry that offers referrals to professional counselors or trained priests. We realize women and men suffer from pain after abortion. Call our confidential help line at 202-269-4673 or by email
Did you know that Hospice in P.G. County is a certified health care provider for the terminally ill? Did you know that Hospice provides medical, social and spiritual support to patients and their families in the comfort of their own home? Did you know that these services are covered under Medicare and most private insurance plans? Did you know that Hospice helps you to live until you die and that Hospice is a good alternative to institutional dying?
For information on help for the terminally ill and for information on volunteer training opportunities at the heart of Hospice in P.G. County call 301-499-0550.
 Parkinson's Disease and Caregivers Support Group
meets the 4th Monday of each month at 10 a.m. at the Bowie Senior Center. Information? Call Ed Wiese 301-262-0947 or Carter Rardon 301-412-0835.
 Eucharist for the ILL and Shut-in
If you or someone in your home is unable to attend Mass and would like to receive Communion at home, please call the Office 262-0704.
 Mass for Shut-Ins
is broadcast every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. on Channel 32. Call 301-853-4515 for information about the Mass or to receive a semi-annual newsletter.
 Need Help Paying for Your Medications?

If you or someone you know is having difficulty paying for prescription medications, assistance may be available. Pharmacy programs are available in Maryland for low-income individuals, Medicare recipients, HIV/AIDS patients, veterans and others. For more information, consult the web site of the Maryland Catholic Conference ( or call Jeff Caruso 410-269-1155.

 Traveling on Sunday?
There is a free ministry that provides schedules of Masses at all Catholic Churches across the nation. To access this service, call 1-800-Mass Times. Use the keypad to enter the zip code of the area to be visited; the computerized voice will give you the five nearest Catholic churches, phone numbers and Mass times. Help is also on the net at This link is also located on our Sacred Heart LINKS webpage.
 Movie Reviews
The Catholic Communications Campaign sponsors a toll free number (1-800-311-4CCC) to provide callers with access to brief reviews of current movies ? all evaluated for plot, entertainment value and moral content.
 Lost & Found
is located in the Altar Servers? Room that is to your right as you exit the main entrance of the Church.
 GOD in a Box
Often enough we humans put God in a small box, label it ?Religion? and set it aside for Sundays and other special moments. We go to Church, a wedding, a funeral, our little box in hand, then put it away until we need it again. There may come a time, however, when we will open our little box, only to find that it?s empty. The reason, of course, is that we cannot put God in a box. He is much too large, for one thing, and too full of surprises for another. But that is something we Catholics should have known. After all, we are a ?sacramental? people. Jesus gave us the graced moments called sacraments for two reasons. He intended Baptism, Eucharist and the other sacraments to be times of personal encounter with Himself. He also wanted to alert us to the ?sacramentality? of the world around us.

In the sacraments God uses things we can see and hear and taste, familiar parts of our world, to lead us into a world we cannot see, the world of the sacred. The Sacrament of Matrimony is a good example. When two Christians exchange their vows, they commit themselves to one another without reservations, without conditions ? and so long as they both shall live. The commitment is both beautiful and breathtaking. It is also sacramental, i.e. it hints at a reality beyond our immediate vision, the reality of the commitment God has made to us in Christ, a love that will endure forever.

Each of the other sacraments uses a familiar part of our world to put us in touch with the sacred ? water (Baptism), bread and wine (Eucharist), oil (Confirmation and healing). These same sacraments should alert us to the ?sacramentality? of all creation. God is present to us in the touch of a breeze, the warmth of the sun, the changing seasons, the quiet splendor of star-filled nights. These familiar moments in our lives remind us that ?in God we live and move and have our being.? (Acts 17:26)

Above all, our seven Sacraments should alert us to the sacredness of our own histories. For these graced moments are timed to significant events in our lives, from birth to death. They hint at the holiness of that unique, unrepeatable story that we tell with the days of our lives. Our separate histories, our ?stories,? are themselves ?sacramental.? They remind us that our daily human experience is the field of our interaction with God. He follows us with fascination through each of our days, for He is ours and we are His. He sees clearly what we cannot, that our world is a womb and our limited time here a preparation for our birth into the Kingdom prepared for us from the foundation of time. Each ?yes? we say to Him helps us grow in the life He gave us in Baptism, a life that will fully flower only in His Kingdom.
 Lewis & Clark's Trees at Sacred Heart
The three old gnarled trees at the entrance of the Chapel are Osage orange trees, linked to the Lewis and Clark expedition. It is 200 years since Meriwether Lewis brought cuttings of the Osage Orange trees to Philadelphia, our nation's capital at the time, for Thomas Jefferson. They were the first Osage orange trees east of the Mississippi River. The stately Osage orange trees, whose deeply scored bark has an orange hue, seem to glow when the sun strikes them. They stretch their limbs high above the graves of Monsignor Hogan and Monsignor Wells.

The Osage orange (Maclura pomifera) 'might have been the most significant horticultural 'discovery' of the expedition,' according to Peter J. Hatch, director of Monticello's gardens and grounds. The Osage Indians prized the wood for tomahawks and bows because of its exceptional strength and elasticity. The trees at Sacred Heart are male. Females would drop lumpy green grapefruit-sized fruit in the fall.

The Osage orange cuttings were brought to Philadelphia in 1804, fifteen years after John Carroll was elected at Sacred Heart to became the first Catholic bishop of the American colonies. Bishop Carroll's brother Daniel Carroll was a signer of the United States Constitution and may have been instrumental in obtaining the Osage orange cuttings at Sacred Heart Chapel that became our trees that are almost two hundred years old.
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